About Us

W2 Pallets, Inc began on August 1st, 2014 with new owners Tom and Janice Wright.  Our son Matt joined the management ranks in October 2016.  The previous owners started the business in 1985 and were ready to retire.  There were 9 employees when we took over and today we have grown to 16.  Additionally, new customers have been secured but our old customers remain our focus as well.  Nearly 50% of our customers are local county industries.  Doing business locally is very important to us as a company, and also as a community minded business.
As a small business, we understand the challenges to compete with our larger competitors.  We are committed to delivering a quality product on a consistent basis.  Delivering on time each time, and our commitment to a high level of service is our goal at all times.  It requires constant attention to detail, but we believe when a customer has a concern, or complaint, our response to their issues is as quick as anyone in our business.
We value our employees and recognize how valuable they are to our success.  They do an excellent job of maintaining quality and understanding how important it is to do the job correctly the first time.  While I'd admit perfect pallets aren't produced every time, the effort to make the best pallet each time is a focus of our employees and every effort is made to ensure our best is leaving the plant to the customer.  I am extremely proud of our work force and the attention they provide to meet our customer needs.

Tom Wright, Owner