New Pallets

W2 Pallets manufactures new wooden pallets only.  We do not deal in used or recycled pallets.  Most of our pallets are produced using mixed hardwoods supplied from several different suppliers.  Hardwoods would include: oak, poplar, ash, maple, hickory, and gum.  We also produce pallets from southern yellow pine supplied from our neighboring states farther south.


All of our pallets are produced from orders we receive from customers.  We do not manufacture any pallets for inventory.

Custom Made Pallets

We have two pallet machines; the larger machine has the capacity to produce 1,600 pallets per day and the smaller machine can produce nearly 800 pallets per day if needed.  For the larger sized pallets that the pallet machines cannot handle, our crew can manually produce what is needed.


With two shifts, our flexibility to produce any type and amount of pallets is greatly expanded.  On an average month, we produce around 25,000 pallets.

Heat Treated Pallets

W2 Pallets offers our own on site heat treating service.  Heat treating demands have grown as overseas shipments have increased.  It is our goal to assist our customers as they strive to meet the world's ever changing economical environment.  The heat treating process utilizes natural gas for treating and is computerized for accuracy during the process.  All information is recorded and documented.  An independent technician visits monthly to visually observe any pallets and 

inspect the heat treating data that was produced.